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.Taking a train trip vacation across the US was amazed to see all of the new wind and solar installation from Illinois to California,

Garden City, Kansas once a little sleepy town has a new cash crop wind mills. You could see hundreds of windmill components covering the ground near the Amtrak Station near Garden City. Continuing west you could see new windmills and new solar construction.

I began thinking of all the new high paying jobs that are being created to keep this equipment running. I hope that can recruit some city folks to help out.

My trip continued. I decide to try my luck at gold mining in Southern California. I stayed with some friends who had a RV motor home and noticed that many of the RV's now have solar electricity.

I found a small amount gold and found out the real treasure is from the sun. I began thinking of all of the RV's, boat, and cabin that could install simple solar systems.

I figured the best way was to spread the word to generate more excitement like I witnessed on my short vacation that solar and wind energy are hear to stay.