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Our Green Life Newsletter publishes a quarterly newsletter. Our plans are to continue to publish an eco friendly newsletter about new green products, exciting information on new biomass for energy production, spotlight on eco friendly business, and exciting green topics.

Bioplastic World in Columbus, OH October 5-8 to show Bioserie new bioplastic products, special plastic machinery, and resins.

Bioplastic Toys are coming to age with new line of baby toys from Bioserie and new commitments from Lego to convert from ABS to bioplastics.

Green Toys Company is quite interesting making a line of toys from recycled plastics and eco friendly packaging.

Some of the hot topics we are working include: Bamboo Fabric, Micro Algae, Solar Applications, Sustainable Lumber from Colorado, plastic pilings, and many more.


Please e-mail you have a topic you would like to see in Our Green Life Newsletter. email to: Green Life Editor